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The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired a lot of threads in our World & Current Affairs section. Join our members in the following places:

  • Discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic, and share reliable information, in our GENERAL DISCUSSION: Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and COVID-19 Information thread;
  • Looking for ways to cope with the information overload? Our members are sharing their strategies in the GENERAL DISCUSSION: Strategies, Sites, and Activities for Coping With Being at Home;
  • Stressed and needing to vent? Blow off some steam, get some reassurance, and put on a brave face in the GENERAL DISCUSSION: I Am Stressed About COVID-19 and Need to Vent;
  • Are you a teacher or parent (or both!) trying to manage remote learning? Share resources, challenges, and successes in the GENERAL DISCUSSION: How to Manage Remote Learning - Tips for Teachers and Parents

For some writing practice, the May exercise is now up: 500-Word Short Story. Write a complete short story over five weeks. In Writing Exercises now.

If you're a writer, or would like to be, Research & Craft has discussions on all things to do with the craft of writing. Join in the Writing Exercises, request feedback on a snippet of your work in Critique Café, and join the Writers Workshop to exchange critiques of your work-in-progress. We have plenty of talented writers, including a number of published authors.

If you're a closet writer, too embarrassed to show your work to others, is the perfect place for you! Get feedback from experienced writers in a friendly environment - everyone had a first time, and lived to tell the tale...